A Poofy Ponytail Made Easy

When I look at someone wearing their hair in a poofy ponytail I immediately think of fun and flirty. It is the type of hair style that says “Oh this old hair style? I only wear this when I don’t care how I look” and yet they worked pretty hard to get their hair to look like that.  I remember the first time I saw someone with their hair in a poofy pony and I wanted to know how to do that. So naturally, being the type of personality I am, I went ahead with out a doubt in my mind that I would get it right the first time.  Well, maybe the second or third. Fine, it took me a while to figure out how to master that style. Although now that I have mastered the poofy ponytail with a few simple steps, I have decided to share with you what I wish I knew then.

My hair was curly today although you can achieve the same style on straight hair.

A Poofy Ponytail at BeautyBlondie.com

Here is the video showing you just how I achieve this style.

You will need a few things:

Prosante Finishing Spray
Unite Volumizing Powder

One Clear Elastic Band

A Pick / Teasing Comb

Bobby Pins

The Tools For a Poofy Ponytail, A Must Try


Wouldn’t you agree that after you saw the video the poofy ponytail seems to be so much easier and achievable? I would love to know how this has helped you. Maybe you can leave a comment sharing your experiences? Well, I hope that this video helped you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Until next time, I amElisabeth at BeautyBlondie.com Signature


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  2. Hi, Elisabeth I luv this tutorial and I luv your hair!!! Is it natural? I have naturally straight fine hair & would luv for it to have the waves you do without curling everyday. What would you recommend?

    • Hey Tammy, I am glad you like this tutorial and yes my hair is natural. Curly hair, like any hair type still requires work and I am sure some people that have curly hair would wish they had strait hair. As far as you wanting your hair curly all of the time without having to curl it would be hard. You would need a perm and to be honest if you go from strait hair to curly hair you might not love it as much as you would think. I would recommend embracing your straight hair and leaning how to curl it for the times you do want it curly. I have a few tutorials that might help. Good luck. ~Elisabeth

  3. Hi Elisabeth! I love your blog and I only just found it recently but I had to bookmark it :). My question is about the top ten items/products list/post you mentioned writing in this video on the poofy ponytail. I looked but couldn’t find a post about it. I’d love to know which products you recommend such as the pick comb and Bobbie pins etc.

    Additionally I was hoping you could help a fellow wavy haired girl out and let us know which products and technique you use to bring out/control your natural wave since like you said it takes effort even if its natural :). I have read and researched countless hours on this and trying to figure it out. Like how some say to comb after showering and then apply product and others say comb in the shower or not at all or else u ruin the natural wave and have to work to bring it back. Also r u pro or against a diffuser? Sorry for all the questions I just can tell u know ur stuff and I like ur style.

    Thanks so much!

    Kate from VA :)

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